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December 2016 Archives

Modifications over time are a part of post-divorce life

There are a number of issues that any divorcing adult needs to consider when they have a child. Their son or daughter will be at the center of many issues in the divorce, not least of which is parenting time and parental responsibilities. These are the matters that dictate where the child lives, and when, as well as what responsibilities each parent will have in the wake of the completed divorce.

Collaborative divorce is not for everyone

The collaborative divorce process is not for everyone. One of the cornerstones of collaborative divorce is that both spouses can be in a room together and work towards a common goal of completing a divorce with a set of customized and personalized rules and provisions. If that isn't achievable -- if the spouses are too upset with each other and can't work towards a common goal -- then a collaborative divorce is unlikely to help.

Illinois guidelines for spousal support are extensive

Spousal support, or alimony, can play a crucial role in a couple's divorce. It is not guaranteed to play a role in every divorce, but when it does, it can really help the spouse that receives the support payments, while also placing an added responsibility on the spouse that has to pay spousal support. In the state of Illinois, there are very specific guidelines that apply to spousal support and how a divorcing couple qualifies for it.

Online divorce companies have limitations

A few months ago, we wrote a post about so-called "do-it-yourself" divorces. This is where splitting spouses don't hire a lawyer and try to figure out their divorce on their own. Usually it ends in calamity and disaster, and it is why most people will suggest that you consult with an experienced legal representative to ensure that your divorce is handled in a legal, compliant and efficient way.

The talk: prenup conversation can benefit couples

Drafting and signing a prenuptial agreement is not a process that comes quickly or lightly. One of the great benefits of the prenup, besides the legal protections it grants to the married couple, is the conversation the spouses have to begin the whole process. They get to talk about important financial topics and other critical factors in their relationship that may not be addressed (at least not fully) had the couple decided to avoid a prenuptial agreement.

On inheritance, divorce and the effect of 'co-mingling'

Inheritance is an important financial topic, both emotionally and financially. An inheritance can provide you with a vast amount of wealth, interest in a company or significant and valuable asset. As such, people want to protect their inheritance and make sure that inheritance does not become part of the marital estate. When it comes to divorce, inheritance can make this wish, at the very least, a bit complicated.

Interstate custody is a complicated issue

When you and your spouse divorce, there will be many matters relating to parenting to discuss. If you have a child, then parenting time, parental responsibilities, and child support will be three of your most important issues. Parental time and responsibilities are crucial in the state of Illinois -- but in other states, different terms and rules apply than in the state of Illinois. Should you or your spouse move to a different state, or if you have already moved to a different state before or during a divorce, then the matter of interstate custody comes into play.

Get the help you need when divorce questions loom

When a couple decides to file for divorce, or even when one of the spouses in that couple has made the decision, there will be many questions that he or she has about the legal process and how the divorce will affect their lives. "How does this affect my relationship with my children? What will happen during property and asset division? What should I be doing right now to prepare for what will come in the months ahead?"

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