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January 2017 Archives

Divorce is much more difficult without an attorney

Divorce is an emotional time. Splitting spouses will feel a wide range of emotions, and the divorce itself could take months to complete -- meaning you are likely to keep feeling those emotions, and others still, throughout the process. As complex as a divorce can be emotionally, it is just as complex legally. There are a lot of moving parts to a divorce that need to be sorted out appropriately to ensure that you are in a good position when the dust settles.

How are the child's best interests linked to parenting time?

Illinois parenting time can be complex and difficult. Naturally, both parents will want to adhere to the child's best interests, but certain issues can come to the forefront and result in a parenting time dispute. When this happens, it is wise to examine state law and see how the court decides on the issue, whether a parenting time modification will be made, and how the best interests of the child will be served.

Track your spousal maintenance after a divorce

Spousal maintenance (or alimony) can play an important role in any divorce. But it is not guaranteed. The state of Illinois looks at many different factors when considering the topic of spousal maintenance, and based on these factors, it will make a decision about whether this form of financial support should be awarded and, if so, for how long and how much.

Testimony continues in asset division of high-profile couple

An Illinois divorce with substantial assets will have a great number of complications that can be difficult to navigate. While most workaday people might have trouble understanding how a high-profile couple and a high asset divorce compares to their situation, there are similarities with any divorce. Examples such as asset division, property and support are topics in dispute with many divorces. In any case, it is imperative to have legal advice from the beginning of the process onward.

What factors affect the allocation of parental responsibilities?

In January 2016, changes to the law in Illinois replaced the concepts of child custody and visitation with a new framework based on allocating “parental responsibilities.” Under this new law, these responsibilities are separated into categories such as health, education and religion, which can be allocated jointly or solely to parents by the court.

Avoid 'this' and do 'that': some tips for divorce

No legal process is ever as simple as it seems. When it comes to divorce, some people may think that ending a marriage should be relatively straightforward task. However, there are often many complications that need to be addressed and numerous issues and disagreements that need to be resolved before the divorce can be completed.

Many effective ways to deal with and complete a divorce

When two people walk down the aisle and say their vows, they are not thinking in the back of their mind about a possible divorce many years in the future. In fact, divorce isn't something that anyone wants to think about. And yet, preparing for such an event is critical. It is why so many couples choose to draft and sign prenuptial agreements, or create postnuptial agreements. These contracts can help a couple deal with a divorce, should one arise.

How digital assets play a role in divorce

We live in a world now that has an amazing amount of electronic data. Everywhere you go, your online information, profiles and activity have a major impact on your life, even if you aren't acutely aware of it in the moment. These digital assets are exactly that when it comes to a divorce -- assets. And when a couple decides that it is time to dissolve their marriage, then they need to consider the ramifications of that divorce on their digital assets.

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