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Parenting Time Archives

The evolution of fathers and their parental responsibilities

The father’s role in their children’s lives has significantly evolved. Yet, state family laws that divide parenting responsibilities seem to be stuck in the time of black and white sitcoms where dad left for the “salt mines” every day while mom stayed home.

How are the child's best interests linked to parenting time?

Illinois parenting time can be complex and difficult. Naturally, both parents will want to adhere to the child's best interests, but certain issues can come to the forefront and result in a parenting time dispute. When this happens, it is wise to examine state law and see how the court decides on the issue, whether a parenting time modification will be made, and how the best interests of the child will be served.

What factors affect the allocation of parental responsibilities?

In January 2016, changes to the law in Illinois replaced the concepts of child custody and visitation with a new framework based on allocating “parental responsibilities.” Under this new law, these responsibilities are separated into categories such as health, education and religion, which can be allocated jointly or solely to parents by the court.

Modifications over time are a part of post-divorce life

There are a number of issues that any divorcing adult needs to consider when they have a child. Their son or daughter will be at the center of many issues in the divorce, not least of which is parenting time and parental responsibilities. These are the matters that dictate where the child lives, and when, as well as what responsibilities each parent will have in the wake of the completed divorce.

Interstate custody is a complicated issue

When you and your spouse divorce, there will be many matters relating to parenting to discuss. If you have a child, then parenting time, parental responsibilities, and child support will be three of your most important issues. Parental time and responsibilities are crucial in the state of Illinois -- but in other states, different terms and rules apply than in the state of Illinois. Should you or your spouse move to a different state, or if you have already moved to a different state before or during a divorce, then the matter of interstate custody comes into play.

Consider all aspects of scheduling when it comes to parenting time

Not every divorce that involves parents and a child will end in a joint custody arrangement. Sometimes, the dispute between the married spouses is so deep and emotional that there is no way for the two spouses to agree on shared custody. This is unfortunate, but it is also reality. For those divorcing couples that are able to agree to a joint custody arrangement, there are significant legal factors to consider.

Compliance during adoption process is critical

Adoption is often thought of outside of the context of a divorce. People may want to adopt a child in the United States or internationally, but this is the common idea when it comes to adoption. However, there are plenty of adoption cases that exist within the context of a divorce. When a divorce is on the table and an adoption is possible, the parties involved need to know where they legally stand and how the process could play out.

Paternity, parental rights and establishing obligations

Parental rights and responsibilities seem, on the surface, to be very simple to obtain and manage. You have two parents who are looking to have their fair share of time with their children. But legally speaking, there are very precise steps that need to be taken to prove that a person is indeed the biological father of a child, or that a parent has a legitimate claim to child support payments.

Some advice for handling parenting duties after a divorce

Parenting in the wake of a divorce is a complex responsibility. You want to keep everything as simple and consistent as possible for the sake of your child, even in the context of a massive change in your life and their life. You also have to think about yourself, and what you need to do to move on from your divorce -- while still giving your son or daughter all of the love and support that they need.

Shared parenting laws being adopted by multiple states

Illinois residents may be interested to learn that some states have enacted child custody and shared parenting reform laws. While there are many benefits to shared parenting following a divorce, there are some criticisms of the reform. Regardless, it appears that these laws may be popping up due to the increase in claims of parental alienation.

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