Modification Of Parenting Agreements And Parenting Time Plans

If your current allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time is not working out for you or your children, you have the ability to pursue a modification in court. Only formal modifications – not informal agreements between parents – are legally enforceable.

We are parental responsibility modification attorneys with approximately 75 combined years of legal experience serving clients throughout the northwest suburban Chicagoland area. We have offices located in Barrington and Chicago, Illinois, and we frequently help clients pursue parenting plan modifications for all types of reasons, including the following:

  • School district changes: If your child needs to enroll in the other parent’s school district, a modification should be sought.
  • Parental relocation: If you want to move out of state with your child – even to a nearby state like Wisconsin – it is necessary to seek permission from the court.
  • Child endangerment: If you believe your child is in danger as a result of the current arrangement, it is crucial to go to court to request a modification.
  • Disciplinary and educational problems: If your child is having trouble at school or with the law, a modification to the parenting plan may be part of a solution to the problem.

These are just a few common reasons for modification to parental responsibilities. A modification can be sought for any reason affecting the best interests of the child, though decrees cannot be modified within two years, except by mutual agreement or in cases of serious endangerment.

Relocation Attorneys And Parenting Plan Modifications

Whether you need help pursuing a modification to parental responsibilities or your child’s other parent is pursuing a modification, we will work diligently to protect your parental rights. To schedule a consultation regarding your case, please call Greenwich Law Group, LLC, at 847-382-3995 or send us an email.