Consult With Us About The Most Appropriate Method

If something changes in your divorce, paternity, or post-decree case, then something may need to change with the way it is being approached.

Greenwich Law Group, LLC has vast experience protecting the rights of people . In almost 80 years of practice, we have encountered various types of situations in which the modality needs to change. Whether you are our client or are currently being represented by another law firm and would like a second opinion, we are happy to speak with you. Call us in Oak Park at 847-382-3995 or Chicago at 312-558-9700 to schedule a consultation appointment.

Is It Beneficial To Move Your Divorce To Another Type Of Process?

We endeavor to guide you through each type of divorce process as efficiently and effectively as possible. Most other divorce lawyers endeavor the same. There are times, however, when situations can become unmanageable in their current condition and require a shift.

If you are involved in a Collaborative divorce, you may be curious about what could happen if you leave the Collaborative process and enter litigation.

You may currently be engaged in mediation and need information about the changes that would occur if you leave the mediation process or need assistance during the mediation process.

We can discuss with you:

  • The benefits of moving to a different process
  • The detriments of moving to a different process
  • The costs associated with moving to a different process

When you are involved in a life-changing event such as a divorce, it is wise to arm yourself with knowledge. We offer consultations on the different types of methods to ensure that you have the necessary information to make wise decisions. We will not push you toward one or the other, but we can instead provide the talking points to help you decide if your case needs to be switched to a new approach.

Consult With An Experienced Family Law Attorney

Greenwich Law Group, LLC can help you take a second look at the method in which you are pursuing your divorce settlement. To talk to us about your case, please call our law firm at 847-382-3995 (Oak Park), 312-558-9700 (Chicago ), or send us an email.