Resolving The Key Issues In Your Divorce

If you are considering divorce, there will be many questions going through your mind. Are you doing the right thing? What about the children? Can you make it on your own? The advice of an experienced lawyer can make a significant difference as you deal with these difficult issues.

At Greenwich Law Group, LLC we have decades of legal experience providing skilled guidance to clients . We are committed to helping our clients achieve positive resolutions to the many important issues involved in obtaining a divorce.

Divorce is never easy, but the right advice and a compassionate guiding hand can go a long way toward making the process less stressful. As skilled divorce lawyers, we can provide reasoned advice and effective representation with regard to the important aspects of your divorce or separation, including allocation of parental responsibilities and support, marital debt, division of marital property and more. In addition, we assist clients with:

Is Mediation, Collaboration Or Litigation Right For You?

There are generally four ways to resolve a divorce in Illinois:

  1. Contested litigation;
  2. Collaborative Law, which works toward resolution without litigation;
  3. Mediation, in which we can serve as third-party neutrals or guide you through the mediation process; and
  4. Informal negotiation.

If you hire us to handle your case, we will work closely with you to identify and pursue the best approach to your case in view of your personal goals.

Contact An Experienced Marriage Dissolution Lawyer Today

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