Collaborative Law In The Chicago Area

The Collaborative Law process is an empowering and holistic method for resolving divorce and other family law cases in Illinois. In a Collaborative Law case, both parties retain separate, specially trained attorneys whose only responsibility is to help them achieve an agreed settlement. The Collaborative process allows you to put your family and children first, move at your own pace, and make important decisions about your future rather than having a judge make them for you.

We are trained Collaborative Law attorneys and Fellows in the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, an organization of specially trained Collaborative lawyers, divorce coaches, child specialists, and financial neutrals. Alexandra M. Goddard, Jessica L. Malmquist, and Alison G. Turoff are members of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Working Creatively Together To Achieve Workable Resolutions

The Collaborative process offers greater potential for creative problem-solving than traditional litigation. Through a series of conferences, the parties, their attorneys, and other professionals identify and develop personalized plans to address the parties’ individual goals and concerns. The Collaborative process can benefit people involved in divorce, as well as those who have encountered post-decree issues and need modifications and other remedies.

If the Collaborative Law process is not successful, the parties still reserve the right to litigate their claims in court. Their Collaborative attorneys, however, agree in advance to be disqualified from representing the parties in the litigation of their case.

Throughout the Collaborative process, your attorney will remain focused on the goal of achieving a mutually satisfactory, agreed-upon settlement.

We Can Guide You Through The Collaborative Process

The goal of Collaborative Law is to find win-win solutions to the legitimate needs of both parties. To achieve this goal, it is important to retain a properly trained Collaborative lawyer. To discuss a Collaborative Law approach to divorce, please call Greenwich Law Group, LLC today, at 847-382-3995 or send us an email.