Representing Business, Legal And Medical Professionals In The Chicago Area

If you are a business professional considering divorce, the value of your business may be considered a marital asset. This is why it is vital to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side who understands the unique issues involved in complex property division and business valuations.

At Greenwich Law Group, LLC, we are business owner divorce attorneys who have been representing clients throughout the area since 1973. We know that the worth of your business encompasses much more than just the fair market value — it also includes minority ownership, projected earnings, marketability, goodwill, and much more.

Valuing Closely Held Businesses, Medical Practices And More

Our law firm is well equipped to handle the complexities of Illinois business valuations, including:

  • Family-owned or closely held businesses
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Professional practices
  • C and S corporations
  • Limited liability corporations (LLCs)
  • Trust funds, stocks, and other investments/assets

As lawyers, we will work with expert business valuators, forensic accountants and other professionals to create an accurate picture of your business’s true value. We place a premium on choosing experts with impeccable credentials. We also ensure that our clients have written agreements upfront to protect all parties involved.

The amount of time it takes to conduct a business valuation will differ according to the size of the business involved. In every case, however, it is important to supply all necessary information to the business valuator in a timely fashion.

Let Us Help You Navigate Divorce When Business Ownership Is Involved

To discuss how Greenwich Law Group, LLC can be of assistance during your high-asset divorce, contact us at 847-382-3995, or send us an email to set up an initial consultation.