Is A Legal Separation Right For You?

Many couples are uncertain about what it actually means to obtain a legal separation. Some think that living in different houses and opening individual checking accounts means they are legally separated. It does not. Others think that legal separation is a permanent solution, just like divorce. It is not.

At Greenwich Law Group, LLC, we inform clients about the benefits and limitations of legal separation versus divorce, advise them as to which course is in their better interests, and represent them throughout the legal process. With decades of family law experience, we are lawyers dedicated to serving clients .

Considering The Pros And Cons Of Filing For Separation

One of the benefits of legal separation is that when all is said and done, you are still technically married. Some couples want to stay married on paper for religious or cultural reasons, or to avoid the harsh finality of the designation “divorced.”

However, legal separation also has many drawbacks. One potential drawback is that it can present health insurance coverage issues. Your insurance company may not give you the same rights and benefits if you are separated as it would if you were divorced.

Another issue is that legal separation only provides you with temporary relief — it cannot help you legally divide joint debts and other liabilities.

Finally, legal separation requires you to address child support and allocation of parental responsibility, but if you do end up divorcing, you will have to address these same issues all over again. This duplicative work can cost you unnecessary time and money.

Learn More By Calling An Experienced Lawyer

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