Pre-Decree Collaborative Law: Setting The Stage For An Efficient Resolution

Divorce is a formative process. It shapes your life for years to come and deeply and profoundly affects your children. When so many decisions need to be made, do you trust a judge — someone who does not know you or your children — to make decisions that are in your best interests?

There is a better way.

At Greenwich Law Group, LLC, we are trained Collaborative Law attorneys. We encourage you to consider the Collaborative process as a private, empowering and invigorating method for resolving issues that arise during the divorce process. Find out if the Collaborative process is right for you. Call us at 847-382-3995 to arrange a consultation with a lawyer.

Make Decisions Collaboratively And Watch Your Satisfaction Increase

There is something empowering about taking part in decisions that affect your daily life. As trained Collaborative Law attorneys serving the area, we work closely with clients to obtain successful and positive divorce decrees that provide enduring and meaningful resolutions to property division, parental plans, child support and more.

By reaching a divorce settlement agreement collaboratively, you are ensuring that:

  1. Your private information stays private;
  2. You are crafting your own solutions in; partnership with the other party.;
  3. You are putting your family and your kids first.
  4. You are moving at your own pace, rather than being rushed or put through unnecessary delays; and
  5. You are making the decisions.

Arrive At A Divorce Decree In A Collaborative Manner

Greenwich Law Group, LLC can guide you through the holistic processes and conversations of a Collaborative divorce. To talk to us about your case, please call our Oak Park office at 847-382-3995, our Chicago office at 312-558-9700, or send us an email.