Orders Of Protection And Stalking In Illinois

At Greenwich Law Group, LLC, we are family law attorneys in the Chicago area with extensive experience handling cases involving Orders of Protection and stalking in Illinois. Whether you were assaulted or threatened, harassed or followed, we can help you take legal action to protect yourself.

The three main types of temporary restraining orders and permanent orders in Illinois are:

  • Emergency Order of Protection: This can be obtained very quickly and lasts 14-21 days until the plenary hearing;
  • Interim Order of Protection: This can give you additional time on the emergency OOP if the plenary hearing is delayed; and
  • Plenary Order of Protection: This can be granted after the court hearing and lasts up to two years.

Orders of protection can apply to spouses, roommates, boyfriends and girlfriends, family members and people in other types of domestic relationships.

The Illinois Stalking No Contact Order

If you are not in a domestic relationship with your stalker, or you are being cyberstalked, Illinois provides a Stalking No Contact Order (SNCO). An SNCO can prevent someone from stalking you, from threatening to stalk you or from coming within a certain distance of your house, workplace or school.

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