Probate Services For The Chicago Area

When a person dies with an estate valuing more than $100,000, the estate will be administered by the probate court, even if he or she had a will. As the executor, you will be required to comply with various probate laws and processes to ensure that the final affairs of your loved one’s estate are handled appropriately. Most of our clients have never before been involved in probate and are in unchartered territory. Greenwich Law Group, LLC guides relatives, friends, and loved ones through the probate process with care, respect and efficiency.

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Is The Estate’s Value More Than $100,000?

An estate must be administered through the probate process if the value of the combined assets of the estate is more than $100,000. The presence of a will can be helpful in many ways, but it does not help the estate avoid probate.

The Executor’s Responsibilities

As the executor or administrator of the estate, you will be tasked with:

  • Notifying the creditors
  • Paying claims
  • Distributing assets

You will be required to deal with these legal matters while you are in the midst of emotional stress. Our firm recognizes that you are in the process of grieving your spouse, parent, grandparent, or other loved one. We can take on the legal issues that arise and strive to facilitate as smooth and seamless of a process as possible. While we cannot promise that probate will be stress-free, we can make a commitment that we will be your compassionate advocates every step of the way.

Out-Of-State Clients Trust Our Guidance

A large portion of our probate work comes from clients who do not reside in the Chicago area or even in Illinois. We will serve as your local resource for closing out the Illinois estate. The majority of out-of-state clients are never required to travel to Illinois — we are usually able to handle the probate without needing them present. We stay in close contact via telephone and email, keep our clients updated on the status of their cases and effectively facilitate the probate process.

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