Uncovering Hidden Assets During Property Division

If you are embroiled in a high-asset or high-net-worth divorce, the relational tension can be intense, the legal ramifications can be far-reaching and the risk to your financial stability can be great. That is why it is vital to retain an Illinois family law lawyer who is skilled in complex property division issues.

At Greenwich Law Group, LLC, we are divorce attorneys serving the area who are committed to defending our clients’ rights and interests. Alexandra M. Goddard has over 40 years of experience, Jessica L. Malmquist has more than 15 years of experience and an advanced degree in finance, Alison G. Turoff has more than 15 years of experience and is a skilled researcher and writer. We are available to help you locate hidden assets and make sure that you receive your fair share of marital property that you deserve.

Investigating Offshore Savings Accounts, Hidden Checking Accounts And More

We know that some spouses hide marital assets in an attempt to avoid dividing that money during divorce. We also know the common tactics that such individuals use. Our law firm can review all brokerage statements, tax returns, checking account statements and other financial data to help trace these hidden assets.

We can also call upon a network of outside experts, including forensic accountants, to review the records and determine if one spouse is diverting or concealing marital property.

We Are Ready To Protect Your Interests In Property Division

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