Trusted Legal Guidance For Real Estate Matters

Major family transitions — such as marriage, the birth of a child and even divorce — are often closely followed by the purchase or sale of a property. Real estate conveyances are complex legal transactions in which the advice of an experienced attorney can play an important role, from the initial listing to the close to the distribution of equity and the tax ramifications.

We have nearly eight decades of legal experience, and frequently assist clients with their real estate purchases, sales, and fund disbursements.

Carefully Advising Clients On The Purchase And Sale Of Property

Real estate purchase and sale contracts are legally binding agreements that should ideally be reviewed with the assistance of a lawyer. We are highly familiar with the real estate conveyance process in Illinois and have helped many clients buy and sell homes.

Given the major problems in the residential real estate market that have come to light in recent years, the assistance of an experienced attorney has never been more important.

We are particularly experienced at addressing real estate issues that arise in conjunction with family law matters, including the sale, purchase and transfer of real estate under the terms of divorce judgments, and the purchase and sale of property by domestic partners and non-married cohabitants.

Real Estate Transactions For Out-Of-State Clients

Greenwich Law Group, LLC frequently handles real estate transactions on behalf of individuals who do not live in Illinois. Whether you recently got divorced, moved and still have a home to sell in Illinois, or whether you are a business owner looking to expand your business in Illinois, we can assist you.

Ready To Assist With Your Real Estate Closing Needs

Whether you need to complete a real estate transaction in order to resolve your family law case, you are looking to purchase or sell a commercial or residential property, or are looking for a real estate lawyer for any other reason, please contact our firm, Greenwich Law Group, LLC, at 847-382-3995 or by email to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can assist you. We represent clients from offices in Chicago and Oak Park.