What Our Clients Say

Efficient, Client-Oriented And Compassionate!

“Obtaining a court-ordered divorce decree and a fully executed marital settlement agreement are the reasons I engaged the Greenwich Law Group, LLC attorneys a few years ago. Attorney Goddard and her team not only rendered their legal expertise, but they also addressed all my concerns and were very well-connected with various services required in my specific case.

I felt listened to; my issues were addressed promptly; I was updated on important upcoming events; and I was allowed to be involved as much and/or as little as I was comfortable with; but most of all, I felt trust.

The overall process does take time and at times was nerve-racking to me due to my unfamiliarity with procedures. Attorney Goddard has the ability to anticipate issues, provide alternatives and explain the essential what/why/how/who/when at my level. The entire team was courteous, patient and compassionate to my needs.

I am fortunate to have a second lease on life, mostly due to the excellent service I received from Greenwich Law Group, LLC.” — K.C.

A Tough Fighter And Smart Litigator

“I really cannot say enough about Jessica. I was completely lost and very upset when I first came to her. I had no idea everything that a custody case entailed and didn’t know what I wanted. She was great at walking me through everything, though, and we were in agreement on what needed to be done.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand up for myself in the process; so when I gave her the go-ahead to start, I asked her to fight for me. And she did just that. It ended up being a much longer and more difficult process than anticipated, but every step of the way, Jessica was with me. I felt like she was completely on my side and my ally throughout the whole thing when I had very little support otherwise. She was honest and upfront with the things we could get and the things we couldn’t and was tough with me when she needed to be. She fought for things I didn’t even realize I needed because she understood my case and the situation and knew exactly what I wanted. I trusted her judgment completely because of this and she was able to respond to things appropriately without me having to say anything. Through it all, Jessica was patient with all of my inquiries and occasional venting, but always tried to keep me on track both financially and to focus on the main issues.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her. It was a long, scary and exhausting process, but Jessica brought me through for the better and for that, I will always be grateful. My kids are the most important thing in my life so I wanted the best attorney I could possibly get to fight for them. And that is exactly what I got with her. Thank you, Jessica!” R.K.

A Professional Approach

“Sandy, thank you for your professionalism and integrity. You are wonderful!” — K.H.

Great Communication And Results

“Alexandra Goddard’s handling of my case was excellent. Her experience and thoroughness helped to ensure that all of the items that were important to me (and many that I hadn’t thought about) were addressed. I appreciated the ability to use email to communicate and have Alexandra represent me in court. This allowed me to minimize the amount of time I had to take away from my children and my work during the divorce process.” L.M.

A Great Help In An International Child Support Matter

“My experience with Greenwich Law Group, LLC was outstanding! I found myself at ease with the way attorney Jessica Malmquist handled my international child support case. She was clear, fair and detailed during my court process. She demonstrated much attention to my concerns and was firm in the courtroom, making sure that I got treated fairly and the state listened to my side. I highly recommend using the services of Greenwich Law Group, LLC in any case. Their hard-charging motivation and dedication to their clients is extraordinary!” — L.B.

Excellent Service From Start To Finish

“After considering several law firms to handle my divorce case three years ago, I chose Alexandra Goddard to represent me. From my initial phone call to her office and my first meeting with her, I knew I would be in competent hands. Her honesty, integrity, empathy and knowledge of the judicial system are some of the reasons why I would highly recommend Greenwich Law Group, LLC to anyone going through the ordeal of divorce. Every step of my case was handled professionally and in a timely manner. Her staff was superb in keeping me abreast of every development in my case right up to the last details.

I am comfortable with the terms of my marital settlement agreement. However, I would like to add that every case is unique and that anyone going through a divorce with unrealistic expectations will likely be disappointed. This was something I learned a few months after initiating my divorce, and it was my attorney who, fortunately, pointed this out to me. Understanding this fact enabled me to come to an agreement without having to go to trial.

Thank you for your legal representation, advice, support and friendship during a very difficult phase in my life.” M.C.D.